LIBRA launched the “Giving 4 Growth Campaign” in August 2012 to help raise £200,000 for the Haematology Department at King’s to cover the cost of urgent
laboratory developments and essential ward equipment. With the help of our wonderful supporters we reached our campaign target. Now and also in the
long-term, these funds will benefit patients with a variety of blood disorders and cancers.

Through Giving 4 Growth we have donated £68,000 of funding to cover the cost of significant developments within the hospital’s Stem Cell Laboratory and
vital upgrades to the Rayne Cell Therapy Suite (RCTS). The developments are particularly significant as they have enabled professors to work on a vaccine
for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia – the first of its kind in the world. We have also donated £2,765 to cover the cost of a new PCR machine that will help
to power King’s research into sickle cell disease for many years to come.


Funds have also been used to assist with developments within the hospital’s Davidson Ward. The Haematology Department required more than £53,000 of funding
to cover the cost of essential equipment so that a new Ambulatory Transplant Unit could be created on the ward in October 2016.

We are so grateful to LIBRA for the funding raised through Giving 4 Growth. We can now move forward with new cell and gene therapy clinical trials that
would otherwise not be possible.

Professor Ghulam Mufti, Head of Haematology, King’s College Hospital

The Davidson Ward is a transplant and chemotherapy ward specialising in the treatment of patients with blood cancers and disorders – with a focus on those
undergoing bone marrow transplants and stem cell transplants. The equipment within the new Ambulatory Transplant Unit is now being used to diagnose
and monitor patients undergoing outpatient chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy prior to and following a transplant.

Victoria Potter, Haematology Consultant at King’s College Hospital, said: “The LIBRA funded equipment was vital for the set-up and daily functioning of
the unit and is greatly advancing our patient care.”

“As health professionals involved in the care of patients going through a very difficult time we are delighted with the new Ambulatory Transplant Unit
at King’s as we continue to strive to be at the forefront of innovative and holistic patient centred care.”

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