Lions Convention Puts Sickle Cell Disease In The Spotlight


LIBRA Trustees were delighted to be a part of the Lions Clubs International South East 105 District Convention, held in Uckfield from 5th to 6th February 2022. Members of the world’s largest voluntary service organisation gathered together to celebrate the District’s 51st anniversary. Delegates, including special guests from Germany, enjoyed a range of informative presentations about the charitable work of Lions and the amazing causes the organisation supports including LIBRA.

Dr Stephan Menzel, a Senior Lecturer in Red Cell Haematology at King’s College Hospital NHS gave a fascinating presentation on sickle cell disease. He provided an overview of this gruelling blood disorder and highlighted why research is needed to understand the best possible treatment routes for better patient outcomes.  He also explained how the support of LIBRA and Lions is making a positive difference, both to patients and vital research into the disease.

Following the convention, Stephan commented: “It was a really good experience and an honour to be invited to attend the Lions Convention. I am totally in awe of the Lions Clubs International Foundation and its members who work together to help amazing causes such as LIBRA.

“During my presentation, it was wonderful to connect with the delegates. They showed great interest in our sickle cell research and how LIBRA and Lions are supporting us in that.  It felt very rewarding to discuss the positive impact we are actually having with our work and how patients will benefit in the long term.”

Following a series of informative presentations, Lion Ian Forbes, District Governor for the South East, presented LIBRA supporters including Bexley and Sidcup Lions Club with certificates of appreciation for ongoing support. Lion Roswitha Hahn, District Governor of the
German District 111MN and member of Lions Clubs Frankfurt-Alte Oper, went on to present LIBRA Chairman Andrew Lodge with a donation of €1,000. This generous donation will go towards our current Going for Gold Campaign target of £300,000.

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