No Stress With LIBRA!


During our last meeting with the haematology team at King’s College Hospital, the experts suggested that we produce some LIBRA stress balls for patients going through treatment to help alleviate anxiety and to distract from pain. According to studies, stress balls can have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

Here are some of the associated benefits:

Stress Balls Provide Tactile Stimulation

Stress balls can help your body to calm down when stressed, by providing it with tactile stimulation.

Stress Balls Provide Visual Stimulation

If you’re feeling stressed out at work or school, looking at a stress ball may help you feel better!

Great For Children

Stress balls can be used for children who have trouble focusing on their homework or classwork due to anxiety issues.

Can Help Improve Your Mood

Research has shown that stress balls can help to improve moods. Using a stress ball provides an outlet for negative energy, allowing you to feel better overall.

Relieve Tension Headaches

If you’re someone who suffers from nasty tension headaches, using a stress ball may be a good option for you!

Where Next?…..

We will be delivering the stress balls to King’s during our next visit in April and we look forward to receiving patient feedback.

If you can help to sell our branded stress balls at an event and help us raise funds for King’s haematology and its patients, please email


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